110mm x 210mm - 1Warna
  • 110mm x 210mm - 1Warna
  • 110mm x 210mm - 1Warna

110mm x 210mm - 1Warna

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NCR Bill Books are an important component for businesses of any size. Bill books are normally used for invoice, receipt, DO, PO etc.


Spesifikasi PRODUK

NCR Small, 1 warna

  • Size: 110mm x 210mm
  • Set50 - 2/3/4/5/6 Layers per book /pad
  • Set100 - 2 per book /pad
  • NCR Paper Color:White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink
  • You can choose to add serial numbers to your bill books as well. (4 - 7 digits).Serial number printing color is red by default)
  • **The last seril number digit must always begin with 1.Example:.0001, 00101, 000501
  • Printing: This cart option only offered front printing, for back printing option, contact us for a quote.

We offer the most competitive price and premium quality bill book with customised artwork and design.


Spesifikasi DESIGN & PRINT

Custom Made

  • Print Colour: 1C (Front)
  • 3 day(s) for orders placed before 3pm (Monday - Friday)
  • Design by pastelcreative Charge: RM30
  • Own Design: *Free
    *Remarks: Please send us your design in original high resolution format such as Adobe Illustrator (AI), Corel Draw (CDR), Adobe PDF format via cart or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., thank you.


Spesifikasi  "1 warna, 1side"

 2 Layer
 Small Size SetKuantitiHarga (RM)
95mm x 120mm 50 10 139 
50 20 154 
50 30  176
95mm x 120mm 100 10  
100  20  
100  30  
*Harga bagi Semenanjung.

Uruskan perniagaan anda dengan lebih sistematik dan profesional, terutamanya urusan rekod kewangan. Kami menyediakan pelbagai variasi dan saiz yang pastinya banyak pilihan untuk anda.Harga Cart adalah kiraan harga printing 1 bagagian sahaja, jika anda memerlukan cetakan depan dan belakang, hubungi kami untuk minta sebutharga.


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