La Ilaha Illallah - Wall Decal Frame

La Ilaha Illallah - Wall Decal Frame

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Sticker Wall Decor
With black frame + Transparent Glass

Ready to put a personal touch on any (and every) space you want?


Spesifikasi PRODUK

Single Frame Rectangle

The Artwork is a high quality cutting sticker that will NOT sag over time. Colour accuracy is high and maintains its consistency.

The Sticker artwork already stick around a wooden frame and comes ready for instant hanging.

  • Canvas: Gloss/ Matte


Spesifikasi DESIGN & PRINT

Custom Made

  • Cutting Sticker
  • 3 day(s) for orders placed before 3pm (Monday - Friday)


Spesifikasi  "HARGA"

 Size (Inches) Harga (RM)
12 x 8  
18 x 12  
24 x 18  
30 x 20  
36 x 24  
40 x 30  
42 x 28  
48 x 32  
54 x 36  
60 x 40  
*Harga bagi Semenanjung, untuk Sabah & Sarawak hubungi kami untuk quote harga.


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